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Brokering cigars is what I love to do.  I cover four states in the union – MI, IN, IL and WI.  My expertise is boutique brands.  These are brands that for the most part have a great product, but no in-house sales force.  So they contract with me and I go to tobacco shops and introduce their cigars.

I don’t just sell cigars, I build the brand.  I do whatever is necessary to get that cigar on the shelf and make it a household name.  Other brands that are synonymous with cigars today were once totally unknown.  I enjoy the challenge of chiseling a niche in granite for these cigars that I represent.

Once that’s done, the brand is set – in stone.  And I mean established and ready to expand.  It may take time, but the Grand Canyon didn’t form in a day.  And now, it’s a national treasure.  Enjoy the site.  It has the brands I carry and links to their sites.  Take a moment to relax and come along on my journey as a broker through my blog.  Cigar reviews pop up constantly.  So let's light up a cigar and do this thing.

Irv CigarBroker

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